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It doesn't have to take a lot
To give someone a pick-me-up.
If something's difficult to do first time
The best tool in the box is a smile

Or a cup of tea, or a friendly word,
Or that funny thing you overheard.
Shares go up and shares come down
But people are funny, they're always around.

Some think the world's run by guys in suits
But the truth is everybody contributes.
You might be invisible in your hi-vis
But a kind word's waiting back at the office:

A boss who speaks your language
A safe place for your sandwiches
People who know how you like your tea -
That particular shade of mahogany.

It takes a big heart for someone to say
Exactly how much they appreciate
You. And it doesn't have to be a grand ol' speech,
It could be as simple as this:

"Thank you." "Well done." It's easy to say,
And it makes a huge difference to someone's day
Encouragement is invisible. You can't measure it.
But you can feel it, give it, receive it, text it.

It's positive energy that recharges us
So pass it on. Tell someone. Pay it forwards.
Do you remember the first time someone trusted you?
To do something right, tie your own shoes?

And when you get it, you get this confidence
And that's how you become an expert, competent.
There'll always be moments when you feel like a mug
But work can also sometimes give you a hug.

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